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Why lives depend on design decisions – UX in healthcare

“To err is human” is a popular phrase, but can you imagine a doctor using this phrase while treating a deadly disease?

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3 B2B apps with delightful UX -
Slack, Trello & Toggl.

Enterprise scale B2B systems are being widely talked about for their poor User Experience in recent times. They are being bombarded with demands to enhance their UX to be at par with high standard consumer grade UX.

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7 deadly user experience (UX) sins of CRMs – and how to solve them

Three out of four consumers say that they have spent more money on a company because of a positive customer experience!

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UX metrics: How to know if your user experience is working

User Experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products.

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How Telecom industry can save itself with UX?

In the last decade, telecom businesses have undergone huge changes due to digitisation. The core usage of voice and text services have reduced as social media platforms have presented diversified opportunities for people to connectwith each other.

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The Definitive Guide to UX Design

This guide is for start-ups and established businesses with complex technology offerings that are looking to better connect and engage with their most profitable customers.

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US Presidential Campaign 2016 :
UX Analysis

Let’s just admit it – the US (and the world) is witnessing a disappointing election campaign this time, probably the most scandalized one since 1884 in the history of the country.

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What tech companies can learn from Uber’s great UX myth

Many people believe the simplicity of Uber’s User Experience (or “UX”) was the driving force behind its rapid success - but this isn’t quite the case. Yes, UX had a huge part to play - but there is nothing “simple” about Uber’s UX strategy.

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The must-have 10 point UX design checklist

While the UX Design industry as a whole has stabilised and well-established rules, UX design for enterprise software and complex systems remains a completely different ball game, which requires a specialised set of skills.

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How and why you should outsource UX design for your tech business

We’ve believe that UX design should be driven by passion. Passion is everything in life (and in business), but it is especially important when it comes to design.

Passion can’t be faked - but it can be bought. If a tech business doesn’t understand...

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